The international trio, lead by the young pianist Agata Ciurkot, combines influences from various sources, such as modern jazz, romance, free improvisation and new music to create fragile sound building. Authenticity is the desired goal of every performance coming before fulfilling the expectations and depth of technical performance. The three highly energetic musicians also extend their musical horizons beyond the trio, thus permanently consolidating and refining their own voice and access to music. As a result, the trio retains a freshness and independence and always brings something new to the table.

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19.07.2019 Riga (LV) M50 20:00 Uhr
14.07.2019 Valmiera (LV) Siltumnica 20:00 Uhr
13.07.2019 Riga (LV) Trompete 20:00 Uhr
16.05.2019 Bremen TAU/Weserburg 20:00 Uhr
16.03.2019 Pärnu (EE) TUJA Jazz Festival Estonia 20:00 Uhr
15.03.2019 Talinn (EE) TUJA Jazz Festival Estonia 20:00 Uhr
26.02.2019 Zutphen (NL) It's Time for Jazz Concert Series 22:00 Uhr
25.02.2019 Münster Zum Zweischneidigen Pferd 22:00 Uhr
02.11.2018 Helsinki (FI) Laterna Magica 17:00 Uhr
29.09.2018 Münster Hot Jazz Club Münster feat. Christian Kappe 21:00 Uhr
28.09.2018 Paderborn Jazz im Sputnik 21:00 Uhr
14.01.2018 Oldenburg Wilhelm13 20:00 Uhr
01.10.2017 Bremen Jazz Festival Bremen Nord Kito 19:00 Uhr
21.09.2017 Münster Freihaus MS 20:00 Uhr
09.04.2017 Trondheim (NO) ILA Brainnstasjon 14:00 Uhr
04.01.2017 Bremen Moments 20:00 Uhr
01.10.2016 Bremen Plantage 13 19:30 Uhr
30.09.2016 Oldenburg Wilhelm13 20:00 Uhr
16.07.2016 Münster Hot Jazz Club 20:30 Uhr
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